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8-08-2018, 05:27
Portable Acme CAD Converter 2019 Multilingual
Portable Acme CAD Converter 2019 Multilingual File Size: 13.71 MB Acme CAD Converter is a powerful bacth DWG converter, it can convert DWG DXF and DWF files into PDF, BMP, GIF, JPEG, WMF, PCX, TIFF, PNG, TGA, DXF, DWG, SVG, SVGZ, CGM, EPS, HPGL (PLT, HGL) etc., and also supports the conversion between DWG and DXF file versions (AutoCAD R2.5-R2019). Supports

8-08-2018, 05:20
NCH Debut Video Capture Software Pro 5.14 Beta
NCH Debut Video Capture Software Pro 5.14 Beta File size: 3.5 MB Record and capture video from almost any source - even VHS tapes. And unlike other recording software, you can utilize key pre-production features like video color, resolution, and output settings.

8-08-2018, 05:15
FastCopy 3.53
[img][/img] FastCopy 3.53 File Size: 1.27 MB FastCopy is the Fastest Copy/Delete Software on Windows. It can copy/delete unicode and over MAX_PATH(260byte) pathname files. Automatically, after whether the copy origin and copy destinations are HDD according to same physical HDD or is judged, it operates as follows.

8-08-2018, 03:44
Zoner Photo Studio X 19.1806.2.74
Zoner Photo Studio X 19.1806.2.74 File Size: 81.9 MB Zoner Photo Studio helps you take control of your photos. Zoner Photo Studio is a complete toolbox for managing and processing digital photos. Acquire pictures from your camera, organize your archive, and edit and share your photos - it's never been easier! Zoner Photo Studio is useful for beginners, advanced users, and

8-08-2018, 03:40
Intel Solid State Drive (SSD) Toolbox 3.5.3
[img][/img] Intel Solid State Drive (SSD) Toolbox 3.5.3 File Size : 81 Mb Intel Solid-State Drive Toolbox is a complete diagnostics and optimization package for Intel SSDs that can provide an insight of a drive's functioning parameters, enabling you to assess its performance and run maintenance operations.The

8-08-2018, 03:35
dslrBooth Photo Booth Software 5.24.0807.1 Professional
dslrBooth Photo Booth Software 5.24.0807.1 Professional File size: 56.2 MB dslrBooth - Awesome Photo Booth Software. If you're looking to run a photo booth using your dslr camera and a computer, then you've found the solution you need. We built our photo booth software out of the same necessity. dslrBooth is a straightforward app that will powers your photo booth as it does

8-08-2018, 03:31
Grub2Win Multilingual
Grub2Win Multilingual File Size : 3.1 Mb Grub2Win provides you with a boot manager that allows you to boot from various operating systems every single time you power your computer on. First things first, boot managers resolve the problem that many users interfere with whenever they want to install different OSes on their PC. For instance, one may want to have Windows,

8-08-2018, 03:26
Sysinternals Suite 2018.08.08
Sysinternals Suite 2018.08.08 File Size: 23.9 MB Sysinternals Suite - A suite of technical tools to configure, optimize, test, detect and correct errors in the operating systems Windows.Spektr application of this package is quite wide, because the utility of his cover many areas of the operating system. For example, the utility controls the Autoruns Startup, Process Monitor

8-08-2018, 03:22
Autoruns 13.91 (x86/x64)
Autoruns 13.91 (x86/x64) File Size: 1.56 MB This utility, which has the most comprehensive knowledge of auto-starting locations of any startup monitor, shows you what programs are configured to run during system bootup or login, and when you start various built-in Windows applications like Internet Explorer, Explorer and media players. These programs and drivers include ones

8-08-2018, 03:16
Broadgun pdfMachine Ultimate 15.13
Broadgun pdfMachine Ultimate 15.13 File Size: 13 MB pdfMachine converts a print stream from an application directly into a PDF. Once you have installed the pdf writer, open your document that you want to convert, then click "print", select the "Broadgun pdfMachine printer" and that's it - you have a PDF!

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